IoT solutions &
Digital transformation

ENERGO.IO is an IoT End-to-end solution provider and integrator empowering digital transformation by providing simple, low-cost, low energy, complete connected solutions for a more sustainable, energy-optimized, greener world.

Thanks to our Global 0G network, powered by Sigfox technology, we have developed an in-depth expertise and methodology that provide the lowest total cost of ownership ("TCO") of the entire IoT solution value chain – from device to platform to data analytics, Energo.io is there at every stage of your journey to support you.

Our mission is to provide services and solutions that:

•Improve quality of life
•Deliver cost-effective scenarios for problem-solving in civil areas
•Address support to industries to increase productivity and manage efficiency
•Improve quality of services for more sustainable growth
•Bring additional value-added services to existing customer portfolios.
Strong focus on IoT End-to-End solutions & services
One-stop shop / Easy to work with
System integration
  • Qualification
  • Solution architecture
  • Customization
  • Business model
  • Sourcing: Hardware/Software
Network service
  • Connectivity management
  • Fit to purpose
  • Network support
  • Full OPEX model - Device as a Service
  • Project financing
Field services
  • Set-up & Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Customer support
OUR PORTFOLIO (Devices & Services)
End-to-End solutions
  • Identification
  • Qualification
  • Customisation
  • Financing
  • Delivery
  • Execution
  • Services
  • Support
Device as a Service
Full OPEX model (Monthly subscription) including Services package:
device management & delivery, installation, onboarding, service desk support, maintenance, end lifecycle... More details abour ENERGO DaaS here
0G operational cockpit
  • Device / Solution
  • IoT Platform
  • Services
  • Network
  • Connectivity

Digital transformation & Consulting
  • New product/service
  • White labeling
  • Go-to-market channels
  • IoT advisor
  • Strategic partnerships

Expertise and Added value in selected Verticals

Logistics and Supply Chain
Track assets movement in real time, get information about the conditions of transportation.
Optimize routes, reduce delivery time, and improve performance.
Commercial Real Estate
Manage commercial real estate efficiently: monitor space utilization, measure and control air quality, water, gas, and electricity use!
Track goods delivery conditions, improve service quality and increase customer loyalty!
Industry 4.0
Automate and improve processes, create new services and monetize!
IoT solutions with LOW POWER devices, at VERY LOW COSTs

Long range
Low cost
Low power
Open standard
National coverage
Strong ecosystem

Contact us:
ENERGO.IO is present in Europe and Russia
to ensure a global service to our Customers.

We will be happy to answer all your questions
and evaluate together Digital opportunities for your company.

E-mail: info@energo.io

For all inquiries regarding Energo DaaS:

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